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Top 25 Ginger Beers

When it comes to mixers, ginger beer is in a class of its own. This bubbly beverage can add a touch of zest to any drink, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the cocktail experience without overindulging in alcohol. Ginger beers also come in a wide range of flavors, from sugar-filled to spicy, so there is sure to be one that suits your taste. And because they are often lower in calories than other mixers, ginger beers are an ideal choice for health-conscious drinkers. So next time you’re looking for a way to spruce up your favorite spirit, reach for a bottle of ginger beer and let the mixing begin.

How to Choose the Best Ginger Beer for You

If you’re a fan of ginger beer, you know that there are seemingly endless brands and flavors to choose from. So how do you decide which one is right for you? Here are a few tips to help you make the best selection:

First, take into account the level of sweetness you prefer. Some ginger beers are quite sweet, while others are only mildly sweet or even unsweetened. If you like your ginger beer on the sweeter side, look for brands that use cane sugar or honey as their sweetener. If you prefer a less sweet ginger beer, opt for one that uses fruit juice or malt syrup as its sweetener.

Second, consider the level of carbonation you prefer. Some ginger beers are lightly carbonated, while others are very fizzy. If you like your ginger beer on the fizzy side, look for brands that use natural carbonation methods like fermentation. If you prefer a less carbonated ginger beer, opt for one that is forced carbonated.

Finally, think about what type of flavor profile you prefer. Some ginger beers are spicy, while others are more mellow. Some have a strong ginger flavor, while others are more balanced with other flavors like citrus or mint. Choose

Best Ginger Beers

  1. Barr’s Ginger Beer
  2. Barritts Ginger Beer
  3. Belvoir Ginger Beer
  4. Cock N’ Bull Ginger Beer
  5. DG Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer
  6. Fentimans Ginger Beer
  7. Fever-Tree Ginger Beer
  8. Goya Ginger Beer
  9. Great Gentleman Ginger Beer
  10. Maine Root Ginger Beer
  11. Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
  12. Powell and Mahoney Ginger Beer
  13. Reeds Ginger Beer
  14. Regatta Ginger Beer
  15. Sioux City Ginger Beer
  16. Stoli Ginger Beer
  17. Top Note Ginger Beer
  18. Zevia Ginger Beer
  19. Bundaberg Ginger Beer
  20. Goslings Ginger Beer
  21. Hollow’s Superior Ginger Beer
  22. Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer
  23. Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer
  24. Buderim Ginger Beer
  25. Schweppes Ginger Beer

Best Ginger Beer for Spiciness

Great Gentleman Brand’s ginger beer is as spicy as they come. It’s perfect for making interesting, flavorful cocktails. It’s also great if you just want a strong ginger flavor on its own. It’s one of my favorite ginger beers and will quickly become one of yours too. Caution: this ginger beer is incredibly spicy and is not for the faint at heart.

Honorable Mention for Spiciness

Goya’s Jamaican Style ginger beer can really bring the heat! This ginger beer has plenty of spice but doesn’t have the well-rounded flavor profile that I love so much from the Great Gentleman Brand.

Best for Low Calories

Zevia’s Ginger Beer has zero calories and zero sugar. While of course, it doesn’t taste exactly like a typical ginger beer but it’s the closest you can get to a ginger beer without the sugar. Zevia’s ginger beer is light and refreshing. It’s great if you are looking to create a low-carb Moscow mule.

Best for Balanced Flavor

This may be a controversial take but I’m not really a fan of the most popular ginger beers. If I had to choose my perfect ginger beer for just drinking on its own, it would be Belvoir. While Fentiman and Gosling’s typically are a favorite of ginger beer lovers, they just don’t provide anything special from my point of view. I have never actively sought out either brand. However, I have made extra trips out of my way just to get Belvoir from the only local store where I could find it. That should speak volumes about its favor.

Honorable Mention for Flavor

You can’t go wrong with Bundaberg. It’s a reliable ginger beer that has a great balance of flavor and spice. It’s refreshing when cold and mixes well in drinks.