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How Long Does Ginger Beer Last?

The good news is that ginger beer doesn’t really go bad. If properly stored and sealed at room temperature it can last for months. However, it tastes much better when chilled with ice or in the refrigerator. Over time, the quality of the ginger beer will decrease and it will go flat. This is similar to what happens to most sodas or carbonated drinks after time.

How to Store Ginger Beer

Ginger beer can be stored in a cool area, away from heat. It should be stored the same way you would store beer or soft drinks. You can store your ginger beer in a refrigerator but it unopened and sealed ginger beer will last just fine without refrigeration. Once it’s open, it’s important to close tightly and refrigerate to maintain the flavor and carbonation. No one wants a flat ginger beer.

Does Ginger Beer Need to Be Refrigerated?

It’s not required to keep ginger beer in a refrigerator to keep it from going bad but refrigeration can help your ginger beer from losing flavor or going flat. If the ginger beer has already been opened, it’s best to keep it in the refrigerator to preserve the flavor as long as possible.

How Do You Know When Your Ginger Beer is Bad?

Ginger Beer doesn’t go bad the same way bread molds. Your ginger beer is bad when it no longer maintains its flavor, spiciness, and carbonation. You can help prevent your ginger beer from going bad by keeping it in a cool area and closing it tightly once it has been opened.

What Happens If You Drink Expired Ginger Beer?

While drinking expired ginger beer won’t harm you, it’s unpleasant like drinking any other flat carbonated beverage. There is nothing more disappointing than taking a sip that you’re expecting to be spicy and refreshing and experiencing something flat and bland instead.

Does Canned or Bottled Ginger Beer Go Bad Faster?

Since there isn’t a way to adequately close or seal canned ginger beer after it’s been opened, it will go bad faster than a bottled ginger beer which can be closed again. If you are using canned ginger beer, it’s best to plan to drink it within hours to ensure freshness and the best carbonation and flavor. Get bottled ginger beer if you plan to reseal and use the same bottle again. Even then, it’s best to make sure your bottle is tightly sealed and refrigerated to maintain freshness.

Does Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer Go Bad?

Most ginger beer is only “Beer” in the name alone. This means it’s called a beer due to the brewing process, not because of the amount of alcohol in it. Like root beer, most ginger beers found in stores are non-alcoholic and similar to a soft drink or carbonated beverage. Your non-alcoholic ginger beer will go bad at about the same rate as any other soda once it is opened. If it is tightly sealed, it can last for months.

Does the Brand of Ginger Beer Impact Freshness?

Like with all soft drinks and sodas, you will find a difference in quality, flavor, and carbonation based on the specific process and ingredients used to produce the drink. I personally prefer bottled ginger beer brands since I can reseal the bottle and refrigerate it to keep it fresher longer. However, there are some brands that only offer cans that can compete due to having a stronger and more prominent flavor that provides a great punch.