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Is alcoholic ginger beer actually beer?

Contrary to popular belief, ginger beer never contained real beer. In fact, it’s not even made using the same methods that are used in brewing beer. Modern ginger beer is not fermented, but carbonated, making it a non-alcoholic drink.

Traditionally fermented ginger beer is alcoholic, while modern ginger beer is not fermented but carbonated, making it a soft drink While most alcoholic ginger beers on the market consider themselves anything but healthy, Ampersand Projects promotes a health-conscious alternative that packs just 2.5 grams of sugar per 100 ml. It is sweet, balanced with a pleasant finish that goes delicately with the delicious burn ginger for which it is known. If you’ve enjoyed a Moscow Mule or a dark and stormy beer, you’ve probably heard of Ginger Beer, the ideal summer cocktail mixer for lovers of all things fermented and bubbly.

The drink was originally made by mixing ginger, sugar water, and sometimes lemon or tarter cream, and left to rest and ferment. Their Ginger Beer’d cans are full of the goodies — a traditionally brewed and fermented gluten-free ginger beer made from corn, ginger beer nut and lots of fresh Queensland ginger. The iconic Western Australia brewery offers one of the easiest and most refreshing drinks with its ginger beer. Full of spice, spice and sweetness, the flavor profile of ginger beer blends well with a variety of different cocktails.

The taste of ginger beer stands out in every cocktail, from the traditional Moscow Mule to a ginger apple cooler with a dash of maple syrup to a cocktail of blood orange and tequila. Ginger beer mixed with vodka couldn’t be made any better. The hazy natural feel and fresh ginger flavor, complemented by the soft flavors of vodka, really match the sky. It’s also perfect for the gluten-free amongst us, or for those who want to get their extra immunity-boosting ginger intake for the week, if that’s how you want to look at it. No summary of the best beers would be complete without an appearance by the legendary James Squire brewery.

For one of the best alcoholic ginger beers, if you’re looking for a spice kick, Brookvale Union has you covered. Thankfully, it has the taste to support the hype — made with Australian ginger with real ginger cream and natural base products that are used to make a great tasting, refreshing drink. Ginger beer has never been made from hops or grains, so alcoholic ginger beer is closer to hard cider or wine due to the fermentation process and sugar content. Ginger Resistance expertly manages to achieve the perfect balance between spicy and mild. They are experts in everything you need to know about ginger.