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Top 15 Low-Calorie Ginger Beer

Most ginger beers have lots of sugar so it’s hard to find a ginger beer that will accommodate a low-calorie diet. On average, ginger beer has 150 calories. We scoured the internet to find the nutritional facts for the most popular ginger beer to provide you with the data you need to make the best choices for your dietary needs. Every ginger beer on this list is under 100 calories per serving so you can enjoy a refreshing ginger beer or make the perfect Moscow mule without having to compromise on your diet.

Ginger Beer Under 100 Calories

Marks & Spencer Ginger Beer0
Zevia Ginger Beer0
Remedy Ginger Beer5
Barr’s Ginger Beer29
East Imperial Premium Mombasa Ginger Beer45
OliKo Ginger Beer45
Stoli Ginger Beer69
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer70
San Pellegrino Ginger Beer80
Schweppes Ginger Beer80
Q Ginger Beer80
Cawston Press Ginger Beer90
Rachel’s Ginger Beer90
Top Note Ginger Beer94

Benefits of a Low-Calorie Diet

A low-calorie diet has many benefits. It can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol levels, and reduce your risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. Additionally, a low-calorie diet can give you more energy and improve your mental clarity. If you are looking to improve your overall health, a low-calorie diet is a great place to start. Here are some of the top benefits of a low-calorie diet:

Weight Loss: Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a low-calorie diet is weight loss. By eating fewer calories, you will naturally start to shed pounds. And, as an added bonus, the weight loss is likely to be sustainable since you will be making lasting changes to your eating habits.

Cholesterol Levels: A low-calorie diet can also help to lower your cholesterol levels. By reducing the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol you consume, you will be able to improve your lipid profile and reduce your risk of developing heart disease or stroke.

Risk of Diabetes: Another benefit of a low-calorie diet is that it can help to prevent type 2 diabetes. By keeping your blood sugar levels in check, you will be less likely to develop this serious condition. Additionally, a low-calorie diet can also help to improve