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Moscow Mules Renamed After Ukrainian Invasion

Many bars, restaurants, and cocktail lovers are renaming one of the most popular ginger beer-based cocktails, the Moscow mule, due to Russia’s current assault on Ukraine. Many restaurants are switching out the traditional Russian vodka used in Moscow Mules with non-Russian vodkas while continuing to use ginger beer and fresh lime juice.

History of Moscow Mules

The Moscow Mule is a refreshing cocktail that has been around since the 1940s. The exact origin of the drink is a bit of a mystery, but there are two main stories about how it came to be. One story claims that the drink was created by John G. Martin, the president of Smirnoff vodka. He reportedly wanted to find a way to increase sales of his vodka, so he came up with the idea of mixing it with ginger beer and serving it in copper mugs. The other story alleges that the Moscow Mule was invented by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, two Hollywood stars who were looking for a new drink to serve at their parties. Regardless of its true origins, the Moscow Mule has become a popular cocktail enjoyed by many. The perfect mix of bubbly ginger beer and smooth vodka, this drink is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. So next time you’re looking for something new to try, give the Moscow Mule a shot!

How to Make a Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is a refreshing, zesty cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. And while it may look complicated to make, it’s actually quite simple. Here’s how to make the perfect Moscow Mule:

First, gather your ingredients. You’ll need vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and ice. Second, fill a copper mug or glass with ice. Third, add the vodka and lime juice. Fourth, top with ginger beer. fifth, stir and enjoy!

The key to making a great Moscow Mule is to use fresh lime juice. Bottled lime juice just won’t cut it. Also, be sure to use good quality vodka. Ciroc or Grey Goose are both excellent choices. And finally, don’t skimp on the ginger beer. Fever-Tree makes an excellent ginger beer that is perfect for Moscow Mules. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to make the perfect Moscow Mule every time!